Complete Marketing System from A-Z


Before you even take a step at marketing your mind must be ready:

Become a Better You (Joel Olsteen)(religious)

The Power of the Subconscious Mind (Joesph Murphy)(non-religious)

The Secret (trendy)

Notice these only make your mind ready… you still have to take action and watch out for the things that stop you, read this …

Personal Development Training Scam

If you are looking for more belief and knowledge in what Wealth is & How wealth can be created via network marketing:

Rich Dad Poor Dad, Cashflow Quadrant & Why we want you to be rich (Robert Kiyosaki)

Becoming and Alpha Leader is Critical.

If you are new to online marketing then I recommend…

STEP 1 Learning the S.E.O Search Engine Optimization Basics because SEO pervades all 3 out of 4 of following marketing skills I recommend. Later on, maybe 6 months to a year, you can get into advanced SEO. All this is covered here…

STEP 2 Guess what? if you learn 1 of these marketing skills out of the 4 I’m going to recommend below, you will still have no idea what to say to people when you call them or they call you…so basically if you want to be Leader, you must Learn to Conquer The Phone

STEP 3  Choose 1 of the following 4 marketing skills…

1. Article Marketing-My Secret Weapons to Submitting Articles revealed here …

2. Video Marketing- (free but very limited) or Traffic Geyser (advanced)

covered here in more detail…

3. Blog Marketing (this is advanced)(I have the password to this site which you can get by going here

4. Social Media Marketing (ex. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter). Social Media Marketing (ex. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter).

Remember that you can not try 2 or 3 or 4 different marketing strategies out of the 4 I have recommended at once if your new. You can only do 1 for at least 6 months until you are successful at it (ex getting leads everyday with it and can teach it).

Here are some of the steps you can do before you get the training…

For Self Hosted Blogs (like the one your on now)  & Long-term Websites (domain name) get quality Hosting.  Getting your own Domain for ex. is a Crucial Step in Branding Yourself. I personally use BlueHost


Hostgator is good also…

Note: if your not going to do all that Blog marketing and you just want to Get a quick website (domain name). It may be for a website that is a Lead Capture Page or for site that is going to be forwarded then get it here.
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PS.  If you are going to be a’ll need to start Developing your list because it is Crucial to your Long Term Marketing Success.

I’ll let you know the two best Email Autoresponders on the market when you go guess what?… Yeah that’s right…

Turn One-Time Visitors Into Active Subscribers with AWeber Email  MarketingPPS… You got the patience to build an online presence?

If not, then I along with 3 other Industry Leaders recommend you become an Expert at Pay per Click (PPC). Sometimes people do not have the time to become a Social Media Web 2.0 Marketer….

For FREE entrance into my MLM Web 2.0 Marketing Vault, which will give you the skills you need to Succeed in your MLM or Home Based Business + BONUSES! and basically for everything listed above