Complete Marketing System from A-Z


Before you even take a step at marketing your mind must be ready:

Become a Better You (Joel Olsteen)(religious)

The Power of the Subconscious Mind (Joseph Murphy)(non-religious)

The Secret (trendy)

Notice these only make your mind ready… you still have to take action and watch out for the things that stop you, read this …

Personal Development Training Scam

If you are looking for more belief and knowledge in what Wealth is & How wealth can be created via network marketing:

Rich Dad Poor Dad, Cashflow Quadrant & Why we want you to be rich (Robert Kiyosaki)

Becoming and Alpha Leader is Critical.

If you are new to online marketing then I recommend…

Step 1 Learning the S.E.O Search Engine Optimization Basics which will help you on your Blog and/or Video Marketing

Step 2 and/or Step 3
Create a blog and/or Learn Video Marketing

or you can be a

Social Media Marketing Guru (ex. Facebook & Twitter)

Here are some of the steps you can do before you get the training…

For Self Hosted Blogs (like the one your on now)  & Long-term Websites (domain name) get quality Hosting.  Getting your own Domain for ex. is a Crucial Step in Branding Yourself. I personally use BlueHost


Hostgator is good also…

Note: if your not going to do all that Blog marketing and you just want to Get a quick website (domain name). It may be for a website that is a Lead Capture Page or for site that is going to be forwarded then get it here.
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PS.  Autoresponder like AWeber may be a good idea as well.

If not, then I recommend Pay per Click (PPC)