*I have been blessed to be able to develop relationships with several Mentors and build some intimate relationships with Key Players in the Industry.

Also, I learned the power of being in a Mentorship and a Mastermind Group.

When being mentored when one is active in a Mastermind type of training group…Growth can happen rapidly.

Top Marketer KAI PEI says a few words about Albert Torres!

Cedrick “The Closer” Says about Albert,
“Albert is so Consistent it’s Ridiculous… If you are going to be serious in this business..You got to be with a Leader who takes action and leads by Example… thus you need to connect with Albert”


albert torres cedrick harris

Hanging Out at an Offline event with my Partners and other Top Leaders in Online and Offline Network Marketing. Tracey Walker (A Leader in Blog Marketing), Brian Fanale, Todd Schlomer, Norbert Orlewicz (The 3 Creators of MyLeadSystemPro), and Yo Le (Facebook and Blog Marketer).

The Importance of a Mastermind is Priceless… If you tap into mine..we can give you an unfair advantage over others who try to do it all alone. This guys and gals represent the cream of the crop of marketers offline and online in Social Media and Web 2.0 (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter) Blogging, Attraction Marketing and Pay Per Click to name only a few… and its kind of hard to lose when you have this size of group in the trenches… we make trends and then people follow them.

Brian Fanale says about Albert “An Excellent and Well-Rounded Marketer, Albert gives Awesome Value… and he is quick to Learn and then Apply new concepts so that he can Master other techniques.. His arsenal of techniques as an Video, Blog and Article Marketer quickly placed him amongst the Top Marketers in the industry… I recommend you connect with him ASAP”.

I learned so much at Armand Morin’s offline event as well as met some awesome contacts… Offline and Online combined can make a Marketer lethal.

Mia Davies (Facebook Expert) Endorses Albert Torres


About Me:
When Truth begins to resonate within you, it becomes evident that you no longer feel the need to defend or convince anyone of it.

Favorite Quote: “Be the Change you Wish to See in the World” Gandhi

#1 Understand that you are already a success (BE)
#2 then have your thoughts reflect your success (THINK),
#3 then do actions with a success mindset (DO),
#4 this leads to having A PROSPEROUS AND WEALTHY LIFE (HAVE).

In other words don’t wait until you have “made a sale” or “recruited someone” in order to have the confidence in yourself that you are already SUCCESSFUL.

Money is an EFFECT. Mind is CAUSE (Source) and Until Cause Changes The Effects Won’t Either.

If you think SELF PROMOTION is BAD, You WORK for SOMEONE who thinks the exact opposite. Don’t get confused with people whole solely SELF PROMOTE, they are only interested in themselves.

*NERD ALERT..lol. I am a nerd and I position myself for learning in all environments. I first got into Network Marketing towards the end of my college days a few years back. I got into a company called 2by2.net. It was an internet company. Have you ever heard of it?…no..lol.. I know, I did not think you would have, I am not offended in the slightest :)

*Anyways, I got in with a friend of mine and the “leader” was telling us to call all of our family and friends in order to get them to come to our business opportunity meetings. I do not want to totally bash this because to a certian extent this can work, but read further if you want accelerate your success.

*After college I went into the Real Estate Industry as a Realtor and Loan Officer. It was pretty cool, I even closed two loans on the exact same day once. Eventually though, right before my eyes I found myself trying to prove myself to others and I was chasing them just like I did with my first business.

*Hmm, there seem to be a pattern of chasing instead of being chased.

*I again came back into Network Marketing and guess what the “leader” said?….Yep, he said “Make a list of 100 people of your family and friends” soon after that I was doing research on the net trying to figure out other ways of attracting prospects so I could put my business on acceleration mode… I started connecting with people who seem to have no problems attracting leads instead of having to chase them, and I knew they were attracting people, or else why would I be calling them (chasing them ..lol).

*Masterminds can thrust you into a Leadership mindset quickly, I learned to Attract others by being of VALUE and not “selling them”.

*People are looking for True Alpha Leaders and you need to learn how to be that leader for them…
EVEN MORE IMPORTANT is the MARKETING SYSTEMS that you need to be able to provide for those that you help.

A MLM FUNDED PROPOSAL is Essential for your SUCCESS as well as those you help.  Nowadays I would not be caught dead without a Funded Proposal.. Also, it has to “Brand You”, Allow you control your own leads, and all you to Earn cashflow right away. A Blog is like a Funded Proposal

**All This Training will enable you to Fully Leverage the Internet, build a Massive Online Presence, Earn Cashflow right away, Acquire Effective Marketing Skills, and Succeed in your MLM or Home Based Business.

Some of My Favorite Books

  • Joseph Murphy “The Power of the Subconscious Mind”
  • Napolean Hill “Think and Grow Rich”
  • Ken Wilber “Brief History Of Everything”
  • Robert Kiyosaki “Rich Dad Poor Dad”

To YOUR Success,