Hello Fellow Online MLM Marketers, I have got a quick SEO (search engine optimization) with social bookmarking. This method will get your site higher rankings on google, which will give you more views.
STEP 1 Go to the bookmark & share tab below and use this same plugin on your blog.
STEP 2 I would like you to try it first.. and hey why not submit this post as a favorite on one of your favorite social bookmarking sites for your first crack at it… he he he… I would appreciate it.

If you are going to use this method for increasing your Search Engine Optimization rankings on Google, do not over do it … do not social bookmark every single blog post you do to each social bookmarking site. Also, make sure you make it a habbit of social bookmarking other sites… or else the social bookmarking sites may just see that what your doing only serves yourself… and they make take action against your account.