How to Write a Press Release (Press Release Tutorial)
Top 5 Reasons to use a Press Release and the Structure to write one.

-More and more people are using online news sources to find info.
-With SEO, you can rank your content quickly
-You can reach your target audience directly
-Online releases can be tracked with Tracking Codes for Conversions.
-You can add them to a blog or use rss feeds and also it’s possible
to get more exposure when others use them and include your links.

First before you write it, Determine Target Audience and Focus

This is the FORMAT Below with Explanation.
1-Headline usually around 70- 80 Characters
2-The summary paragraph is a longer description of your headline,
expanding on the headline in 1 to 3 sentences and it describes the
most imprtant info, but not the specifics.
3-The body of the press release might like like this below
San Diego, California (PRWEB) May 1, 2008 — The topic sentence
contains important information in about 20 to 30 words that targets
your reader. Grab your reader’s attention here by telling them what
they are going to learn. This content should not need the summary
to make sense, it should make sence on its own.

-This kind of Content (press release) has a structure that is very
brief so that sentences and paragraphs are short, about three or
four lines per paragraph.
-The first half of the press release mainly covers the 5 W’s (Who
What When…) You can take some of the information from the company
and put it here and you can use exact word for word, but it can not
be a complete reprint.
-The standard press release is 350 to 750 words and the grammer and
spelling is checked for spelling and grammer errors with a

Tip: Write your content first them do the summary second. Also,
capitalize every word in the headline except for prepositions like
to , for, so, the, a

You can use quotes from customers and staff etc or subject matter
Do not make it all hype or use text that is typically found in an
Try to stay away from using The use of “I,” “we” and “you” .
Do not include an e-mail address in the body of the release.

Here is how you can end you press release:
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