Numis Network Compensation Plan Review
Numis Network Compensation Plan Details & Explanation
The Numis Network compensation plan puts the Power of the Network to work for you. It tracks and pays you on three distinct organization structures:

(1) Your binary downline for cycle bonuses

(2) your enroller organization for matching bonuses

(3) a powerful coded organization for coded collector bonuses.

There are even Fast Track collector bonuses that enable you to generate income immediately. It may sound complicated, but it’s actually very simple… and most importantly, lucrative. Of course, this is in addition to commissions you can earn on sales made to your customers.

There are two types of customers:

  • Retail Customers– purchase from your website or you directly. They pay our competitive retail prices.
  • Preferred Customers– qualify for discounted prices by purchasing the Fast Track Collector’s Kit. Preferred Customers are eligible to buy coins at the same low prices as representatives.

There are two types of Independent Collector Representatives (ICR):

  • Associate Representatives – Purchase the Associate Representative Basic Option.
  • Executive Representatives – Purchase or earn the optional Executive Success System.

$100 Fast Track Collector Bonuses

Earn a $100 Fast Track Collector Bonus each time a Fast Track Collector’s Kit is purchased by one of your customers or personally enrolled Executive Representatives. There is no limit on how many new customers or representatives you can personally enroll or the number of Fast Track Collector Bonuses you can be paid.

Retail Commission Income

Earning retail commissions is simple. Your customers can shop an exciting and expanding selection of numismatic coins and purchase directly from your replicated website. Numis handles all the processing and shipping; you direct the customers to your website and earn money. You can also buy coins and sell them direct to your customers to generate immediate profits. Commissions are simply the difference between the price paid by the customer and your representative price. Commissions are paid weekly.

Binary Income

The Numis Network binary plan is simple and powerful. In the plan there are two key relationships, the ‘Enroller’ and the ‘Placement Sponsor’. The enroller is the person who personally introduces and enrolls a new representative into the business. The placement sponsor is the immediate upline representative position in the binary organization.
The binary plan is based on the power and simplicity of two. While there is no limit how many representatives you, your upline or downline can enroll, each representative can have only two representatives sponsored to their position. This creates powerful leverage and encourages team building like no other plan because new representatives that are enrolled by your upline can ’spillover’ into your downline. With the Numis Network binary plan, you can be paid on all of the bonus volume (BV) generated by your entire downline, from unlimited levels.

Binary Cycle Bonuses:
Binary compensation plans are exciting because you can capitalize on the efforts of your upline and downline. You have a right side leg and a left side leg. As your organization grows, you earn $30 cycle bonuses for each 300 BV in your ‘Pay Leg’ (lesser volume leg). Cycle bonuses are calculated daily and paid weekly.

Enroller Matching Income

The Numis Network compensation plan describes enroller organization based on the enroller relationship and not the sponsor placement in the binary organization. Your first generation includes all of the ICRs personally enrolled by you. Your second generation includes all of the ICRs enrolled by your first generation. Your third generation includes all of the ICRs enrolled by your second generation.

Matching Binary Bonuses:

You can earn matching bonuses on all of your personally enrolled (first generation) ICR’s binary cycle bonuses. You can also earn matching bonuses on your second and third generations of enrolled ICRs. Matching bonuses are paid weekly.

Double Matching Bonuses:

For 30 days after you enroll a Training Qualified ICR, you can earn an additional 5% matching bonus (for a total of 10%) on all of your personally enrolled (first generation) ICR’s binary cycle bonuses.

Become an Executive Representative To Be Eligible For Coded Matching Bonuses!

Executive Representativeis a representative who has purchased or earned the optional Executive Success System. The optional Executive Success System can be earned at no cost by completing five Fast Track Collector’s System sales to customers.
Executive Representatives are eligible to earn Coded Matching Bonuses.These exciting and profitable bonuses are generated from the sale of Fast Track Collector’s Kits by your sales organization.

Coded Matching Bonuses

This is a revolutionary compensation model for developing a well trained, rapidly growing business that can generate substantial income from the sale of Fast Track Collector’s Kits. It utilizes coded links to your representative number, enabling you to earn Coded Matching Bonuses from unlimited levels deep in your organization.

Developing your coded organization: The Numis Network compensation plan describes two codes in your coded organization; your 1Star Code and your 2Star Code.

1Star Code

Enrolling your first three Training Qualified ICRs completes your 1Star code. Your 1Star code only includes these 3 training qualified ICRs.

2Star Code

After completing your 1Star code, all ICRs that you personally enroll are placed in your 2Star code.

Unlimited Levels

Each of these ICRs begin working to complete their 1Star code, Each of the ICRs they enroll in their 1Star code are in your 2Star code. This means that each ICR in your 2Star code must contribute 3 ICRs to your 2Star code before they start their own 2Star code.

$100 Legacy Matching Bonus:
You can earn a $100 bonus every time a representative in your 2Star Code receives a Fast Track Collector Bonus. This bonus can pay to you from unlimited levels deep in your 2Star Organization.

$50 Foundation Matching Bonus:
Each time a representative in your 1Star code receives a $100 Legacy Matching Bonus, you can receive a $50 Foundation Matching Bonus.

$20 Satellite Matching Bonus:
Each time a personally enrolled representative in your 2Star code receives a $100 Legacy Matching bonus, you can receive a $20 Satellite Matching Bonus.

Companywide Leadership Income

5 Star Leadership Pool:
$20.00 is contributed to this pool for each Fast Track Collector’s Kit sold throughout the entire company each month. The pool is paid proportionately to all qualified 5 Stars each month.

Qualifications: Personally enroll and maintain 15 active Executive Representatives, Personally enroll and maintain ten (10) qualified 3 Stars. Develop and maintain a minimum of 300 active representatives in your ‘Pay Leg’. Monthly personal QV: 180 QV. Must be qualified at the 5 Star pay rank on the last day of the calendar month to earn a share of the 5 Star Leadership Pool in the following month (Example: A 5 Star qualifies on January 31st to share in the 5 Star Pool for February sales.) Required to provide cross-line support to representatives throughout company.

6 Star Silver BMW Program: Show the world your success.

Qualifications: Achieve and maintain qualified rank of 5 Star & Achieve and maintiain150,000 BV in enroller organization volume with no more than 50,000 BV coming from any single enroller leg each month.

When you first achieve the rank of 6 Star, you earn a one time $5,000 bonus. After you provide proof that you have leased or purchased a new silver BMW 6 Series or 7 Series , Numis Network will pay you $1,500 per month as an allowance for your car for one year.

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