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Numis Network Compensation Plan Review
Numis Network Compensation Plan Details & Explanation
The Numis Network compensation plan puts the Power of the Network to work for you. It tracks and pays you on three distinct organization structures:

(1) Your binary downline for cycle bonuses

(2) your enroller organization for matching bonuses

(3) a powerful coded organization for coded collector bonuses.

There are even Fast Track collector bonuses that enable you to generate income immediately. It may sound complicated, but it’s actually very simple… and most importantly, lucrative. Of course, this is in addition to commissions you can earn on sales made to your customers.

There are two types of customers:

  • Retail Customers– purchase from your website or you directly. They pay our competitive retail prices.
  • Preferred Customers– qualify for discounted prices by purchasing the Fast Track Collector’s Kit. Preferred Customers are eligible to buy coins at the same low prices as representatives.

There are two types of Independent Collector Representatives (ICR):

  • Associate Representatives – Purchase the Associate Representative Basic Option.
  • Executive Representatives – Purchase or earn the optional Executive Success System.

$100 Fast Track Collector Bonuses

Earn a $100 Fast Track Collector Bonus each time a Fast Track Collector’s Kit is purchased by one of your customers or personally enrolled Executive Representatives. There is no limit on how many new customers or representatives you can personally enroll or the number of Fast Track Collector Bonuses you can be paid.

Retail Commission Income

Earning retail commissions is simple. Your customers can shop an exciting and expanding selection of numismatic coins and purchase directly from your replicated website. Numis handles all the processing and shipping; you direct the customers to your website and earn money. You can also buy coins and sell them direct to your customers to generate immediate profits. Commissions are simply the difference between the price paid by the customer and your representative price. Commissions are paid weekly.

Binary Income

The Numis Network binary plan is simple and powerful. In the plan there are two key relationships, the ‘Enroller’ and the ‘Placement Sponsor’. The enroller is the person who personally introduces and enrolls a new representative into the business. The placement sponsor is the immediate upline representative position in the binary organization.
The binary plan is based on the power and simplicity of two. While there is no limit how many representatives you, your upline or downline can enroll, each representative can have only two representatives sponsored to their position. This creates powerful leverage and encourages team building like no other plan because new representatives that are enrolled by your upline can ’spillover’ into your downline. With the Numis Network binary plan, you can be paid on all of the bonus volume (BV) generated by your entire downline, from unlimited levels.

Binary Cycle Bonuses:
Binary compensation plans are exciting because you can capitalize on the efforts of your upline and downline. You have a right side leg and a left side leg. As your organization grows, you earn $30 cycle bonuses for each 300 BV in your ‘Pay Leg’ (lesser volume leg). Cycle bonuses are calculated daily and paid weekly.

Enroller Matching Income

The Numis Network compensation plan describes enroller organization based on the enroller relationship and not the sponsor placement in the binary organization. Your first generation includes all of the ICRs personally enrolled by you. Your second generation includes all of the ICRs enrolled by your first generation. Your third generation includes all of the ICRs enrolled by your second generation.

Matching Binary Bonuses:

You can earn matching bonuses on all of your personally enrolled (first generation) ICR’s binary cycle bonuses. You can also earn matching bonuses on your second and third generations of enrolled ICRs. Matching bonuses are paid weekly.

Double Matching Bonuses:

For 30 days after you enroll a Training Qualified ICR, you can earn an additional 5% matching bonus (for a total of 10%) on all of your personally enrolled (first generation) ICR’s binary cycle bonuses.

Become an Executive Representative To Be Eligible For Coded Matching Bonuses!

Executive Representativeis a representative who has purchased or earned the optional Executive Success System. The optional Executive Success System can be earned at no cost by completing five Fast Track Collector’s System sales to customers.
Executive Representatives are eligible to earn Coded Matching Bonuses.These exciting and profitable bonuses are generated from the sale of Fast Track Collector’s Kits by your sales organization.

Coded Matching Bonuses

This is a revolutionary compensation model for developing a well trained, rapidly growing business that can generate substantial income from the sale of Fast Track Collector’s Kits. It utilizes coded links to your representative number, enabling you to earn Coded Matching Bonuses from unlimited levels deep in your organization.

Developing your coded organization: The Numis Network compensation plan describes two codes in your coded organization; your 1Star Code and your 2Star Code.

1Star Code

Enrolling your first three Training Qualified ICRs completes your 1Star code. Your 1Star code only includes these 3 training qualified ICRs.

2Star Code

After completing your 1Star code, all ICRs that you personally enroll are placed in your 2Star code.

Unlimited Levels

Each of these ICRs begin working to complete their 1Star code, Each of the ICRs they enroll in their 1Star code are in your 2Star code. This means that each ICR in your 2Star code must contribute 3 ICRs to your 2Star code before they start their own 2Star code.

$100 Legacy Matching Bonus:
You can earn a $100 bonus every time a representative in your 2Star Code receives a Fast Track Collector Bonus. This bonus can pay to you from unlimited levels deep in your 2Star Organization.

$50 Foundation Matching Bonus:
Each time a representative in your 1Star code receives a $100 Legacy Matching Bonus, you can receive a $50 Foundation Matching Bonus.

$20 Satellite Matching Bonus:
Each time a personally enrolled representative in your 2Star code receives a $100 Legacy Matching bonus, you can receive a $20 Satellite Matching Bonus.

Companywide Leadership Income

5 Star Leadership Pool:
$20.00 is contributed to this pool for each Fast Track Collector’s Kit sold throughout the entire company each month. The pool is paid proportionately to all qualified 5 Stars each month.

Qualifications: Personally enroll and maintain 15 active Executive Representatives, Personally enroll and maintain ten (10) qualified 3 Stars. Develop and maintain a minimum of 300 active representatives in your ‘Pay Leg’. Monthly personal QV: 180 QV. Must be qualified at the 5 Star pay rank on the last day of the calendar month to earn a share of the 5 Star Leadership Pool in the following month (Example: A 5 Star qualifies on January 31st to share in the 5 Star Pool for February sales.) Required to provide cross-line support to representatives throughout company.

6 Star Silver BMW Program: Show the world your success.

Qualifications: Achieve and maintain qualified rank of 5 Star & Achieve and maintiain150,000 BV in enroller organization volume with no more than 50,000 BV coming from any single enroller leg each month.

When you first achieve the rank of 6 Star, you earn a one time $5,000 bonus. After you provide proof that you have leased or purchased a new silver BMW 6 Series or 7 Series , Numis Network will pay you $1,500 per month as an allowance for your car for one year.

This post is just a summary on Numis Network compensation plan

Numis Network Review:

The simplest answer as to why I have reviewed these 6 reasons are because they are the very best arguments for not  joining Numis Network.  They all have a half-truth associated with them or are partially true.  In other words, they seem to have some validity to them, but in actually are not viable reasons.  I have scoured the internet for the “Best” reasons not to join Numis and these are the ones that I felt needed to be looked at in a little more depth.

This product is being touted as an investment company and it is not?…  This is partially true; Numis as a company is not at fault here and as a matter of fact the company powerpoint used for opportunity presentations specifically says “Numis is not an investment company”.  Also, the company has a special video (specifically placed in the back office which can not be missed by anyone who logs in) warning all executives who say or position Numis as an investment company that there business can and will be taken away from them if these rules are not obeyed.  It also warns executives about putting Experts in gold and silver investing like in any form of their marketing.  Several reps have taken these down and with some reps it will be a little hard to do since with online marketing if you make a video or article and blast it to 100 video sites and 200 article directories, it can be challenging to remove them (they have got their work cut out for them is all I have to say). As far as fixing blogs and capture pages and things being printed and etc. that is a little easier of course.

Saying “An American Silver Eagle (ASE) MS 70 from1997 is valued at $500”, is like saying that an (ASE) 2010 MS 70’s, other (ASE) years that can be purchased at Numis, and Numis in general is positioning itself as an investment company.  So are these people saying that Numis can not say what a ASE MS 70 1997 coin is valued at?… lol, that is taking it a little too far. Sorry but the Numis product does have the potential to go up (or down for that matter) and that does not make Numis inherently an investment company.  I have a cool pair of jeans that are back in style and they can be sold for more than I purchased them…so does that make the jean company an investment company too? No.  I have baseball card that I got in 1980, when I bought it I liked the player on it, that’s it…guess what… it is worthless today…but I still love it. Another one I got in 1981 is worth a lot more…does that mean any of these card companies are investment companies? Nope.  Same thing can be said for classic cars etc. These are all collectors’ items, that’s it. The funny thing about it is that Numis could have picked other American Silver Eagle MS 70 years close to the year 1997 that are valued EXTREMELY higher. Also, just because the slogan of Numis is to Create Wealth, Collect Wealth and Preserve Wealth… That does not mean investment company.  Assets are wealth and if you are doing well in Numis you are creating wealth.  An asset could be worth anything, and if you collect and take care of them (preserve) then you increase your wealth.

I do understand how sometimes someone would have to take a second look to understand the difference between assets, investments, and investment companies.  A collector coin is an asset, a piece of Real Estate is also an asset (more so if it was paid in full) and an investment, a mutual fund in a Stock Companies (investment company) can be viewed as an asset and an investment tied to an investment company.  All three of these things can go up and down. So you can see why some people may confuse the how an asset like a collectors coin or a piece of Real Estate are both not related at all to an investment company.  People confuse when to use “their” and “there”…so just because some people can sometimes be confused does not mean a network marketing company has to not speak the truth.

“Silver and Gold products in network marketing have been done before and have massively failed”… This is partially true, bullion companies have failed before and they were silver and gold (that is the partially true part or the half truth)…plenty of them have failed.  Numis is not a bullion company like those were, but it is a silver and gold company (there in lies the confusion).  But, Numis is a collector company specializing in modern (although it does have older graded coins as well) graded coins. Some experts say that modern collectables are probably not that good of an investment… I agree with them and Numis is guess what… Not an investment company.  Some people also says that a gold and silver program in network marketing is probably not going to work. “Experts” are saying that they would not be open to a collector gold and silver network company. One question… What if they are wrong?  With all do respect… Is it possible sometimes some people can be wrong?  You know the world is FLAT?  I am kind of glad someone corrected this. You know that the earth is the center of our solar system right?  Oh,  oops the Sun is… I guess the “experts” were wrong on that little detail as well.  Bill Gates and Microsoft… several people said no thanks Bill. All I am really saying here is that no one knows everything.  So many other companies are in legal battles with each other, (do a google search) a lot of health and wellness companies are in legal disputes as a matter of fact.  I am no way saying do not join one because of that, by the way I use some of their products myself.

Numis Network Review: You are half way through… take a deep breathe…lol… Are you taking anything away yet?

The compensation plan is a pyramid ponzi scheme cheat rip off scam.  It does take some time to build residuals and to be really upfront the Numis residual pays a smaller residual then some other binaries in the industry. With that said the coded bonus makes up for that in a way that you would not even believe.  The Excel Company was the fist to leverage this type of coded bonus comp plan successfully and there was a guy making over 1 million a month. By the way a couple of the founders of Numis actually have another company that has created hundreds of company compensation plans for other network marketing companies, maybe even yours…lol.  So, I think they kind of know what works and what is legal. They might even have an idea of what works the best. J

The $99 (member or preferred price) or $119 (retail price) is a rip off, you can get 2010 American Silver Eagles MS 70 for $80-$90 on ebay… Great, good luck with ebay… even if you could get them on ebay for $50, which in the future you may be able to do because like all companies some people will give up and dump on ebay.  There are 5 other websites that sell the coins from $99 to $200 as well.  Also, people say that Mike Mezak and others have tapped into, helped create, and sustained a market that is growing very successfully… and they think that is a scam?  Many people buy jeans right? Well lets say a person buys some jeans in the following example:  A kid in Indonesia makes (for 5 cents an hour) a pair of pants within an hour and puts a label (non trendy-lower quality $13 price) on it and then the next three hours uses triple the stitches and spends triple the time and puts a (trendy-higher quality $85 price) on it…anyone who buys the $85 pants is stupid right?  No, they just like that style, which in this case is also better quality. It does not even have to be better quality for that matter, lets say it is a different design that is aesthetically pleasing to someone who will pay $85…so what.  People buy what they like…point blank.

Numis is a scam because all modern graded coins are going to come out with high grades like ms 69 and ms 70”. That is a reasonable point…go buy cases of bullion and have them each graded you will get a lot of ms 69’s and some ms 70’s… have fun with that JOB… yes, you will make some profit definitely… but I do not want to ship anything… I actually have had experience on ebay before… if your dream is shipping on ebay then go for it…once you stop shipping you stop making money… okay your savvy, you are saying I will have people list and ship for me…great and they will compete with you real quick…lol.  I’d rather have a downline of thousands of people in numis selling coins on my behalf.

PCGS, NGC, ANACS, ICG are scams for grading these modern coins that are not worthy of grading”. The person that says this is trying to monopolize the whole coin industry because they do not have an interest in grading modern coins. If others like it simply because they like the way the modern graded coins look (kind like a pair of jeans) then great.  The fact remains that if there is a market for it, then a smart marketer will get behind a trend.  PCGS, NGC, ANACS, ICG viewed as the top four are businesses and they will grade as many coins as you give them, and I understand they did not use to grade modern coins as much. But if there is a market for it and if they can grade more coins now, wouldn’t you. Some say PCGS and NGC are the top two.  Plenty of collectors put PCGS, NGC, and ANACs in their personal top 1, 2, 3 position depending on what specific type of coin you are grading, or what type of ms grade you are going for.

Comparing Numis Network to Health and Wellness should not be done… This one is kind of tricky.  I do have to admit… no one should have a garage full of health products, but the fact is that 85% or more people fail in this industry and a lot of them wind up with leftover products in their garage… so it would be better if they were valuable coins.  But to tell you the truth… anyone with good training in a health and wellness company knows  people should not have tons of leftover product because that means they are not promoting, marketing and/or sharing their product.  On another note, health products are consumed and therefore they have intrinsic value… Your Health. Another case in point, anyone that compares a health and wellness $30-$40 juice to the juice you get at the grocery store probably does really not know the value of their product. Remember, people use lot of different marketing and if they solely market that they are better and/or you suck, then they need to be more creative, but there is definitely a place for it.

Please… I apologize if my joking around and name calling etc., I was having a little fun writing this…I am far from perfect…so understand that all people are bias in some way…MYSELF included.  Some people would feel great if Numis was a scam.  Some people are simply marketing.  Some will change their minds… others won’t … either way these people helped me write a great Numis Network Review.  You have permission to use my whole article, not part…that means you have to include the resource box at the bottom.

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The Numis Network Review tells the tale of a New MLM offering Assets by Coin Collecting and is pioneering the sale of graded silver and gold numismatic coins.   Building Long term Assets by coin collecting some are saying is far better than other mlm products like potions and lotions etc.   Graded numismatic collectible silver and gold coins have only been sold through T.V. programs and never through a distributorship.

The timing for you get in front of this trend is perfect in the current economy.  Numis Network believes it will become the largest sales force worldwide of these certified and graded precious metal coins by expanding into the home based business and mlm industry.  In reviewing the Numis Network they say that they want to bring wealth to their distributorship by collecting and selling wealth in the silver and gold numismatic industry.  Every company has a time of Momentum the momentum for this company won’t be for a another few years at best, so right now is a key time to get involved.

Collecting Silver and Gold Coins : Perfect and Inciteful Thought!

Timeless stories abut the heart of human-kind’s deep want for Social Status and Riches have been told throughout the ages.  The  search to acquire and accumulate these precious metals seems to be stamped deep into our consciousness.  It is definitely a part of  nature for many folks to collect things.   Numismatic expert Mike Mezack says, “If you are going to collect something, it might as well be money!”.  This is precisely why Numis Network goal is to help people collect the most coveted type of money (other than diamonds of course…lol) silver and gold numismatic coins.  Having graded, silver and gold numismatic coins retains wealth.

Numis Network Review: Numismatic Coin collecting was a pretty smart idea indeed!

What does  “numismatics” mean? It’s the study and collecting of money.  They are legal tender coins that collectors have been smart to collect.  Don’t forget about historical  coins as well, the were of course once used to buy stuff with….used as currency since the beginning of the ages.  Many empires of the past thousands of years officially  minted coins.  The Roman Empire was just one of the many all the way up today’s time.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned collector or buying your very first graded silver or gold coin. When you purchase coins through Numis Network, you’ll have the advantage of buying from someone you know, and at the most competitive prices in the industry.

Look you can sell Juices, Pills, Lotions, Potions, Cell Phones, Software, Information Products, Travel, Top Tier Programs, Services like Legal Services, Amway (hey what do they sell nowadays…lol…I’m not sure, they are a great company by the way),  Cosmetics… etc… ALL KINDS OF SERVICES…but when the product or service gets used…it’s gone… with this it will always have a value…not really much to think about here.. it’s a pretty clear cut example. Numis Network Review sheds light on a New MLM offering Asset building by coin collecting.

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