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Why do you buy Personal Development Training?…  to achieve success Right?…  Okay, but then why is it that so many people are constantly buying from many great personal development coaches, but they are still not attaining successful results?  I learned a few crucial concepts from a guy named Noah St. John who is an admitted geek… I myself  am a nerd too …so his outright honestly about him being a dweeb caught my attention.  He said he spent a fortune on personal development tips and training, but that he never attained the type of success he wanted and it boiled down to one thing that is rarely if ever taught in conventional personal development training.

I will waste no time in getting straight to the point. We have pros and cons, which help us make a decision.  Before you take action that is going to help you succeed in your Personal Life and/or Business Life…. the pros and cons are sort of like weights on each side of a scale.  On one side it will have all the reasons to go for it, and on the other side you will  have all of the reasons why you shouldn’t go for it. Also, and this is extremely important, both sides will each have conscious and unconscious reasons to “go for it” and to “not go for it”.

Here’s an everyday example: So there you are on Saturday morning and it is time for a morning workout.  As fast as you can say “Anbesol” [sorry for that chessy joke :) ] Immediately comes the  scale and the weights  into your mind.

The reasons you shouldn’t:  You’ll be tired for the rest of the day, There is something “good” on T.V., Skipping one workout is not that big of a deal, There are some garage sales you want to go to, You want to get a couple more hours of sleep (even though you already slept 8 hrs) so you can be well rested for your long day of watching tv and hanging out at your house, Your friends busy and you’d rather not work out alone, You’ll workout one more time this week to make up for it.  These are conscious reasons, but wait I am not even finished yet….

What about the unconscious reasons…?:  You do not want to lose weight because a lot of your friends are heavy and if you lose weight you will not be able to blend in with your friends as easily as you used to, You are actually little scared of being less heavy because then you will have to try to deal with attention that your not used to getting.

The conscious reasons for working out are: You want to be healthy, You’ll feel better about yourself afterward. The unconscious reasons are: You do not want to die an unhealthy slow death starting around when you turn 60 years old.

So the scale tips in favor for not working out.  Hey, lets say you were able to consciously write down more reasons to do the action and you got more reasons to work out and they numbered more than the reasons not to, guess what? it probably will not be able to overturn the scale because you are not realizing that you have  like 1 or 2  powerful unconscious reasons that are so strong that they annihilate several reasons to workout.  Also, remember you can not even count the unconscious reasons if you are not at a place of self-awareness in which your not consciously aware of the reasons not to.

You see… personal development gurus… say make a list, take action, track results, use a vision board, repeat powerful sayings, just do it, be accountable etc….  these things are all important…but more important is tipping the scale in favor of taking action. So, besides getting mad at me and saying this sucks I am never gonna succeed now that I know that I can not even identify every aspect of my opposition.  MY ANSWER: You think I’m gonna leave you in the dark my friend…  Of course not… here’s what I learned you gotta do.  You will need to: Ask powerful questions (Note: not repeat sayings mindlessly) like the following to yourself because they will get your conscious mind and your unconscious mind working in your favor and tip the scale to take action. If you wanted to solve the example I set forth above about working out on a Saturday then here are some Examples of questions you would ask yourself, why do I have so much energy, why am I so healthy, why do I like working out so much, why am I so sexy (watch out for too much of these self posing question…hehe), why is my losing weight setting a good example for my friends, why am I am able to handle this new attention I am getting so well.  See what happens when you do this is you’ll change those unhealthy unconscious thoughts to positive thoughts which will drastically change your unconscious which feeds your conscious but you will also decrease the reasons “Not to take action” and increase reasons “To take action”.

I know I just laid out how you can totally change you life… and here is what you should be  saying to yourself:  WOW, WHOA, YES, I’M DETERMINED, ABSOLUTELY… and here are the questions you should immediately be feeding yourself: why do I read such good personal development training?, why do I learn something great and then share it? (hehe I snuck that one in there lol), why after reading great content do I put my own spin on it and put it in my language and write about it so that someone else can benefit from it?…

This is a Good one for mlm mindset training… Talking negative against other leaders in companies I am, was a part of, and/or even have never been a part of… is something that I have done… (even though I have only told like 1-2 close people and never really posted on the net… it still counts–most of it has been thoughts I have had though). I read a book.. I highly recommend it… It’s called How To Win Friends and Influence People and a few of the things it says is…
Don’t criticize, condemn or complain…
Call attention to people mistakes indirectly…
Let the other person save face…

Also a great guy in the industry Eric Worre talks about how he has made some mistakes on following the advice of “whatever it takes mentality”, which took him down the wrong path a few times.
MLM Training Philosophy
Basically, do not lose yourself… Change the bad things about yourself…but do not change the good things about yourself so that you can “be successful- close the sale”

Productivity is crucial and knowing how to be productive is key!

Watch out for distractions!

That is exactly what the book by Dale Carnegie “How To Win Friends and Influence People” teaches as the first three principles… Don’t Criticize, Condemn or Complain. I agree.  Eric Worre hits this right on the nose!

It’s the Perfect Time for Network Marketers!


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