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I’ve set this Blog Up to Help the Online Network Marketing Industry Learn how to have Success in MLM.  I have put a lot of resources on this blog so that you can use them in order to grow your business Online and Offline.

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I walked away from CHASING STRANGERS in Shopping Malls… and Became a REAL MARKETER !

Until you can Generate Consistent Leads  your Online business will not be Truly Successful.

An effective way of generating leads is by using a Funded Proposal.  I personally would not be caught dead without a MLM/Network Marketing Funded Proposal these days… You may be asking What is a Funded Proposal?  Essentially, it is  a method that enables and teaches you how to be valuable to others by offering training and by not leading with your primary company, this can allow you earn money regardless of  whether or not your prospect  joins your primary business.

With that said, any Funded Proposal Funnel that I use must ABSOLUTELY have these 5 things.

#1 Offer Free Web 2.0, Social Media, and Mindset Training. The training must by laid out in a Step by Step…easy to understand way.  In other words it must be a Complete Marketing System

#2 Allow Branding of the User (You) and Not Creator of the system

#3 Allow the user to control their own Leads

#4 Allow the user to Earn Instant Cashflow even if the leads do not join their primary biz

#5 Inherently allow the user to include their Primary Program within the system…on the backend

As an active internet network marketer and coach, I take my business and my financial freedom very seriously. Likewise, when I meet others who do the same, I like to share tools, techniques and strategies with them that I have learned by “being in the mix” with some of the industry’s most successful!

If you follow what I am going to teach you…you have a fighting chance against the 95% failure rate of this industry.

**All This Training will enable you to Fully Leverage the Internet, build a Massive Online Presence, Acquire Effective Marketing Skills, and Succeed in your MLM or Home Based Business.

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